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This is the Original Stargate Team, SG1. It has Colonel Jack O'Neal, Major Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson, and Teal'c. I have included set numbers, you can look them up on the search function are on the top bar.



Colonel Jack O'Neal:
Leader of SG1, Also lead the first mission threw the Stargate to Abydos.

(Head) Set #6579 "Ice Surfer" OR use the one with set #3350 (see Janet Fraser)

Major Samantha Carter:
With a PHD in many Sciences, she is a very important member of the team.

(Head) Set #7412 "Yeti's Hideout"

Dr. Daniel Jackson:
He was the one who figured out the seventh Symbol. The addresses accessed from Earth Begin because of the Mission to Abydos. He also has Extensive Knowledge about Earth History, and dead languages. His knowledge of expertise is Egyptian Language, and the Goa'uld version of this language, This makes him even more valuable.

(Hair & Head) Set #4711 "Flying Lesson"
(Suit) Set #7143 "Jedi Starfighter" use Hair on Janet Fraser

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Born from a Jaffa, and later became a Jaffa. Teal'c knowledge of the Goa'uld is unique, this makes him most valuable to the team.

(Head) Set #3566 "NBA Collector's #7" Kevin Garnett


Dr. Janet Fraser:
Chief Medical officer on staff of the SGC

(Hair) Set #7143 "Jedi Starfighter" use suit on Dr. Jackson
(Head and Suit) Set #3350 "Rescue Team"

The Goa'uld have many System lords, but above all else one stands out above all others. Anubis.

An ancient Goa'uld, who figured out how to ascend with the Ancients. Because he was so disruptive he was banished by the Ancients and now has come back, and is attempting to over throw all system lords. (He is Holding a Goa'uld Transmitter)

(Head) Set #7146 "Tie Fighter"
(Hat, Cape & Suit) Set #7200 "Final Duel 1"

The Jaffa are military servants of the Goa'uld who mostly keep the fear of god in the people.