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Language of the Ancient's

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To understand the Stargate we should first understand the Inventor's. Allot of the Gates in the Galaxy were built by the Goa'uld. But it is believed that a race known as the Ancients were the ones who actually invented the gate. So we have dedicated this section to understanding the language of the Ancients.

The Universe is so vast, and we are so small, there is one only one thing that we can truly control. Whether we are Good, or Evil - Oma Desala


Dr Daniel Jackson

Dr Daniel Jackson dressed from Abydos. Dr Daniel Jackson's 2 major contributions to this site is 1 figuring out how to work the Stargate. 2 Translated the language of the Ancients.

Language Study Points

The Fifth Race

Ancient Latin English
eetium etiam Yes (answering a question) yes, certainly
haud No no, not at all, by no means.
Cruvas curvus Wrong arched, bent, bowed, curved, crooked, wrong (morally crooked).
Cozars crur, cruris Leg's Leg, shank, shin, also foot


Ability power, means, opportunity, capacity, ability, stock.
Fron frons Head forehead, brow, front
Egoo ego I I, self
Indeeo indigeo Need to require, need, stand in need of.
navo novo New to make anew, refresh, revive, change, alter, invent.
Lochus locus Location place, location, situation, spot. [monastery]
Euge eu : euge : eugepae Good good! well done! good job!
Noo Nos We we / (Example) WE live and die by that creed.
ani   Are  
Anqueetus Antiquitas the Ancient ancient, old, hoary
Feggus fio, fieri, factus Finished be made, be done, become.
Comdo commodo Please
Asorda adservio Help to aid, help, assist
Deserdi  desidero Wish to long for, wish for greatly, to miss.

Noo ani Anqueetus
We are the Ancient's

Un sure translated Words/ phrases

Ancient English
Hic Qua Videeum The Place of our Legacy OR A Piece of our Leg

Othello Help

Egoo Deserdi Asordo I Wish Help

Window of Opportunity

Ancient Latin English
Domatavus  dominatus Master mastery
vestul hesito Uncertain uncertain
Motabilum praeteritus Past past


Study Points

Ancient English
Domatavus vestul Motabilum {Conquer of Time} Or {Master of the Uncertain Past}
Perennial Adventus, The approaching disaster

Poteramus, Paterus, Potarrad, Cramerus, Cramat, Cremus