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Good News, I have begun the move to a better server. This one has no popups. Currently the Masaba  Network, and Tarkus are on the better server. Since Deneva, and P3W-451 are not as large as Tarkus and the Masaba network, I thought it was not as important. The New World of Abydos is on the new server.


Welcome to The Top secret Stargate Project Site. You must have proper military Clearance to even find this site. Welcome to Stargate Command 2 (SGC2). A secret project that began with the discovery of a Stargate in the Antarctic. After the Minor exposure by the first SGC team we have been working on a new Stargate project. The Ability to build one's own Stargate.


Stargate Project

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SGx1 Team

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Left To right: Ronan Ninja, Knight, Captain Cook, Link

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Stargate Project:

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Recently Colonel O'Neal exposed the SGC2, but SGx3 was off world at the time. Since then they have Transferred the authority of SGC2, too Hyrule, the World of Link. They were Reassembled as SGx1. Now they no longer steal technology.