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SGx1 Team

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SGx1 Story

The Story begins in Antarctica where a second Stargate was found, The Stargate was later secured and brought to Aria 51. The Stargate was then used by a secret SG team. SG1 of the SGC discovered this operation and shut it down. This is where the story gets interesting,


Newman was able to leave earth using the Stargate, but he hit a solar flair and ended up back in time. He arrived in the year 1775. usually when you go time travel you end up in the position of the Stargate you left from, but in this case he arrived in Japan. He arrived at the tail end of a battle. a group of Ronan Warriors (Warriors who lost there King) were avenging the death of there King. There was one survivor. The last Ronan warrior was about to commit suicide when Newman convinced him to join in his effort to get back to his own time.


He realized that this was one Year before Captain Cook left on his last voyage, which included a trip around the Antarctic. Newman and the Ronan Warrior booked passage aboard Cook's ship .They missed the first Chance to get to the Antarctic Gate, but after saving Cooks life, and the life of his crew they convinced them to join the SGC2 efforts.


Cook's Crew decide to start a new Christian life on A planet SG1 recently discovered. A world that was partly controlled by So'kar. anyways, after that they ended up in a world named "Tarkus" (Shadowgate Nintendo). There, they met a Wizard Lakmir  who was the last of a circle of 12. He introduced them to The Dragon Warrior. He used his magic to help them get back to there own time. They then arrived at a world called "Hyrule" (The Legend of Zelda: Nintendo). There they met a Warrior named Link. They were assembled as SGx 3. The members of SGx 3 were off world at the time Colonel O'Neal took down the Second Stargate operation. (See The Team)