SGx1 Team

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Captain James Cook Weapons: Musket, Six Shooter (both able to penetrate Goa'uld Shields)

Captain during the 1700's. Said to die in 1779 after sailing around the Antarctic. Truth is he escaped threw the Antarctic gate. He is now a member of SGx1


Ronan Ninja Weapons: two Swords that are sharp enough to cut threw metal, and attract energy blast, then uses the energy to power a gate even without an DHD

This Ronan Ninja loss his King. Him and other Ronan Ninja's avenged  the death of there King. He was the only survivor, He was about to commit suicide as was the ritual when Newman Convinced him to join the SGC2.


Link (The Legend of Zelda: Nintendo) Weapons: Master Sword (can fire an energy version of the sword when user is at best health), Metal Shield, Bow and Arrow

He comes from the Kingdom of Hyrule, a Kingdom that is protected by 3 mystic triangles known as the Triforce. They are called, Triforce of Wisdom, Triforce of Power, and Triforce of Courage. This is the reason they are safe from Goa'oud attack. (note: After Colonel O'Neal exposed the SGC2 his world was chosen to be the new SGC2, now under the authority of the King of Hyrule.)


Jonathan Gateway (Shadowgate: Nintendo) Weapons: Sword and Shield

His World was Originally Savaged by the Behemoth, and this is why the Goa'uld left his world. That was until the Circle of 12 had sealed the Behemoth below the Castle Shadowgate. 

He is the last in the Line of Royalty for the Castle Shadowgate. It was for that reason the Wizard Lakmir Choose him to enter the Shadowgate to stop The Warlock Lord "Talmar" From raising the Behemoth once again.

(Note: The Castle Shadowgate is protected by an impenetrable mountain called Gatekeeper, just take a guess where the Stargate is Kept.)