Stargate Assembly Instructions
(Inner Ring)

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Step 1: (layer '1, by, 3s')

Step 2: (Contiue Layering)

Step 3

Step 4: (Continue, till you have (13) on bottom, and (13) on Top Total of (26) '3, by, 1s')

Step 5: (Connect edge's and make sure it is perfectly Round)

Step 6: add top layer of (17) '1 by 2s'  flat top tiles.

Step 7: Glue a Peace of paper to to the top, so that you can enhance the round effect and draw symbols.

Step 8: Draw lines to devide it into 39 tiles for the symbols. To understand how to keep it even, every 3 tiles should take 4 dots. Each tile should take 1 and 1/3ed a dot.

Step 9: Draw Symbols along the edge of your Stargate. The symbols, in order can be found on the Gate Symbols page.