Stargate Assembly Instructions

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This Page Includes The Understructure from the last section. Below that is the Super Understructure.


Step 1 (place Stand on Bottom, Keep track of this point because elements are placed around this point)

Or, If you do not have that peace you can use this one.

Step 2 (Begin Placing Understructure Elements)

Step 3 (Place more understructure elements)

Step 4 (Place last 2 understructures elements on as such)

To illustrate the 6 by 1 understructure should be groupped in 3 sets of 2, like this.


Super Understructure

The Stargate prototype has no super understructure, but I find that without it, the behind view is not nearly as convincing.

Step 1, (2) '8 by 1s' with a '3 by 1' in the center, connected by (2) '4 by 1' Flat top

Step 2: Place Peace from last step like this.

Step 3: Place (2) '8 by 1s' on like this

Step 4: Place (2) more '8 by1s' like this